T’ai Chi - In Balance II
Chris Hinze
Relaxation/World Music/New Age [KYT 811]

T'ai Chi - 'In Balance' - Volume II is the follow-up to the highly successful T’ai Chi - CD produced by Chris Hinze in 1995 which provided the impetus for the theatre tour, "T’ai Chi - In Balance Live 1998", which played to packed houses.It includes stunning new compositions written especially for the upcoming tour, along with the hits from the 1998 tour, such as Chris Hinze’s duet with the Korean soprano Young Hee Kim: ‘The Queen and I’. This number was seen as the highlight of the evening by the audience. And the exquisite number "Peace Hotel", in which Chinese soprano Lin Su lends her sublime voice to interpret Chris Hinze’s memories of his visit to Shanghai, received a resounding ovation. The basic idea of Eastern influence on Western culture and vice-versa (Taoism and Christianity) is at the heart of the thinking behind this CD. The album complements the atmosphere of the previous CD with completely new ‘World Music’, which although composed of many integrated segments, is remarkably easy on the ear.


audiosample 'Midnight Bell'