2017 – 2018
Tibet - On The Roof Of The World

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- Body Energy
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Mr. Richard Parker

The Road of Hope
Featuring Coen Molenaar, Maya Lisa and others.

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- Heartbeat
- Road of Hope

The Saliah Remixes
Remixes by Chris Hinze of the original 1983 album.

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The Art of Baroque- Jazz- Dance & Worldmusic
Featuring Claron McFadden, Chris Hinze, Majid Bekkas & The Band

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- Vrije Geluiden, VPRO TV
2 songs and interview, Nov. 8 2009

Africa Impressions
"What should I call this music? It’s really not that important. Call it lounge if you want, or reggae; world music; jazz. The name doesn’t matter. For me it’s all about the emotion, the sheer pleasure and the language of music."

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Tibet Impressions
Volume 3

This cd transports you to the unknown and fascinating world of the Tibetans, their monastic communities and their lives amidst the overwhelming surroundings of the Tibetan landscape.

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The Chris Hinze Combination - Live
In Concert
Available at this website and in the shops.

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