Luisterrijk eten en dubbel genieten met...
[KYT 797/98 - 2CD]

CD-1 The Best Of Chris Hinze
Relaxation/World Music/New Age

CD-2 Chris Hinze and 5 top-chefs:
R.Kranenborg, P.Fagel, J.Sistermans, H.Savelberg, T.Fagel
Culinary recipes and Relaxation Music

On his previous release ‘Senang’ Chris Hinze surrounded himself with old friends from the Jazz scene. While producing this ‘The Best Of’ (the last ten years), he decided to invite some culinary pals for a bonus album. Five top-chefs, each revealing a menu from his favorite kitchen: Mediterranean, classical, vegetarian, trendy and even ‘cuisine d’amour’, interwoven with music of Chris Hinze.
Of course the CD ‘The Best Of’ contains the most perfect music to accompany the following dinner or to just listen and relax and turn up the volume.