Mystic Moods
Soundscapes, Meditative, Ambient, Relaxation [KYT 812]

'Mystic Moods' is the first album by Akasha. Now the re-mastered version of this 1995 recording is available through Keytone, and it is easily as innovative and overwhelming as 1998’s well-received CD 'Transparency'. According to insiders’ comments on 'Mystic Moods', the young Dutch producer/composer/musician Akasha has from the very start found the right approach to relaxing and intriguing music. A few years ago this album was available at book and record clubs only through-out Europe and has sold considerably. Reason enough for Keytone to release it on a wider scale.The seven tracks on the album 'Mystic Moods' are soothing and relaxing, while enchanting the real music lover.