‘O Septeto’ Plus
World Music/Ethno/Meditation
[KYT 810]

This album is a Dutch/Brazilian/African music project. The compositions and arrangements are from bandleader Jan Dumée; Brazilian en fusion-compositions, which mirror his love for Brazil and his other passions like Jazz, classical music, fusion and ethnic influences from Africa and India. With top musician from the Jazz- and World Music scene: Bobby Jacobs, Remko de Landmeter, Mike del Ferro, Toon Roos, Luiz Luz (Argentina) Alaor Soares (Brazil) Sonia Genú (Brazil) Tamara Krzlj (Croatia), Thijs van Leer, Carlos Malta (Brazil), Mola Sylla (Senegal), David Rockefeller, Fernando Thebaldi (Brazil) and Marcello Godoy (Brazil).