Zen Silence (Zen-timer)
Chris Hinze & Zen-master Rients Ritskes
Ethno/Meditation [KYT 808]

As a result of the fast life our culture demands and the over-achievements we are expected to deliver, all of us are in desperate need of peace and quiet. That leads us to 'Zen-Silence'. This unique cd comprises no less than 60 minutes of silence, divided over three pieces of 25, 20 and 15 minutes. Each piece begins and ends with the sounds of gongs and bells in the tradition of Zen meditation as practiced in Japanese monasteries. Despite the periods of silence, however, there is music to be heard. The beautiful flute-playing of Chris Hinze introduces us to the cd, accompanied by the chanting of the heart sutra by the Japanese Zen monk, Daitokutsi-San. The periods of silence are also introduced by Chris Hinze on flute. (And just as a frame allows a painting to come into its own, the music allows to hear the silence.)


audiosample 'Heart Sutra'