Het nieuwe multimedia solo theater concert


Chris Hinze – Incredible India

De onbekende en fascinerende en kleurrijke wereld van 1.5 miljard Indiers

Op een groot scherm worden indrukwekkende videobeelden in combinatie met fluitspel, backingtracks, collages en persoonlijke verhalen samengesmeed tot een boeiend schouwspel.


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2017 – 2018
Tibet - On The Roof Of The World

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- Body Energy
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2017 – 2018
Saliah - Under
African Skies
Visual Concert

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- Growling Flute Forest

Mr. Richard Parker

The Road of Hope
Featuring Coen Molenaar, Maya Lisa and others.

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- Heartbeat
- Road of Hope

The Saliah Remixes
Remixes by Chris Hinze of the original 1983 album.

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The Art of Baroque- Jazz- Dance & Worldmusic
Featuring Claron McFadden, Chris Hinze, Majid Bekkas & The Band

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- Vrije Geluiden, VPRO TV
2 songs and interview, Nov. 8 2009

Africa Impressions
"What should I call this music? It’s really not that important. Call it lounge if you want, or reggae; world music; jazz. The name doesn’t matter. For me it’s all about the emotion, the sheer pleasure and the language of music."

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Tibet Impressions
Volume 3

This cd transports you to the unknown and fascinating world of the Tibetans, their monastic communities and their lives amidst the overwhelming surroundings of the Tibetan landscape.

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The Chris Hinze Combination - Live
In Concert
Available at this website and in the shops.

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CD/DVD out now!
Chris Hinze – Incredible India

The complete audio and video tracks from the concerttour.
€ 25,- including shipping (Europe)